• Yestar Healthcare Holdings Company

    Yestar Healthcare Holdings Company Limited is one of the leading high margin medical consumables and equipment companies in the PRC. Targeting the booming domestic healthcare industry, Yestar's core business focuses on high margin healthcare consumables and equipment namely, medical imaging products and In Vitro Diagnostic (“IVD”) products. Since its inception, the Group has established an extensive sales network in the PRC. Backed by a solid and systematic management system, the Group has earned the trust from global market leaders, namely Fujifilm, Roche Diagnostic, Becton Dickinson (“BD”) and Thermo Fisher etc. Currently, the Group is the sole manufacturer for Fujifilm medical film products and one of the largest distributors for Roche Diagnostic IVD products.

    The Group is also the sole manufacturer and exclusive distributor of Fujifilm color photographic papers and industrial imaging products in the PRC. In addition, the Group manufactures and sells dental films under the house brand “Yes!Star”. The Group will continue to enhance our position as a strong player in the medical industry through possible merger & acquisition opportunities and the formation of strategic partnerships with industry giants. With all the above strategies, the Group will strive to broaden our market share in the PRC medical equipment and consumable product industry in the near future.

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